Katy Bennie, 
Diploma, Health and Social Care resources author

"I also hope that by publishing this type of material it helps those who are teaching and who have limited time to prepare material in this ever-changing area to motivate their students."

Throughout her career in education Katy has taught Nutrition and Food, History, English, PSME and Childcare. She has been head of Sixth Form, Course Leader for Health and Social Care, Head of Home Economics and Distance Learning Co-ordinator.

Since retiring from teaching she has been video conferencing coordinator for a group of primary and secondary schools working on professional development with the National Centre for the Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics. For thirteen years she has been involved in different projects with a college in Sweden and is currently taking part in an EU Comenius Regio project involving personal learning and thinking skills.

Katy has over 35 years' teaching experience in a variety of secondary schools ranging from grammar, middle schools to comprehensive schools. "I very much enjoyed my classroom contact with the students and in my last school, which was a comprehensive, I was responsible for looking at strategies to motivate and enthuse students to learn."

"The formatting and layout of recent workbooks has been very good indeed."

Katy had been producing material for A level students for some years and approached ZigZag to see if it was worth publishing. She praises the help and advice of a 'very friendly staff'.

''The standard of editing and consequent helpful comments help to maintain a good working relationship."

Katy is currently working on GCSE Health and Social Care Unit 3 for Edexcel, AQA and OCR.

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