Author In Focus: David Hansom |

Subjects: Law
Educated: Scarborough, Reading University
Top Resource: Criminal Law Topics: Non-Fatal Offences Activity Pack for A Level
David Hansom, 
Law resources author

David grew up in Scarborough, before moving away to study History at Reading University. He gained a Diploma in Education, an LLB from the Open University in 2003 and is currently studying for an Open Honours Degree at the Open University. He first taught History and then Law for 40 years in an East Yorkshire comprehensive, and is currently Head of Law with the status 'Excellent Teacher'. He also has over 30 years experience as an external examiner, reviser and moderator at both GCSE and A Level.

"We currently have about 90 Law students in the Sixth Form. We consistently gain really outstanding results encouraging many of our students to study Law at University."

Setting up a new Law Department 15 years ago with just three students, David encouraged his students by sitting the AS and A Level exams with them and then took the OU LLB in his spare time to show to students and parents that he had some relevant qualifications. He now has over 90 Law students in his Sixth Form, consistently gaining outstanding results. "I try to make Law interesting, challenging and fun! Lots of quizzes, puzzles and team games are used to break up lessons and make them stimulating. I hope to publish some of these shortly."

"Zig Zag is able to put my ideas for teaching and learning resources into practice. "

Having enjoyed developing Law resources for his own school, David thought colleagues in other educational establishments might find them useful. This led him to discover PublishMeNow and achieve just this.

"Zigzag makes available to colleagues and students attractive and inexpenisve educational materials. These are particuarly useful when the current economic climate is likely to make significant cutbacks to department budgets."

David is currently working on a Criminal Law Activity Pack focusing on General Elements of Criminal Liability

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