Anselm McLeod, 
History resources author

"Learning the skill of creating appropriate and differentiated resources that both challenge and inspire pupils has been at the heart of my school experience."

Anselm grew up in Hastings, East Sussex where he attended local state schools. He spent the following years working in various jobs including in the British Army, as a language teacher and human rights worker.

Developing a passion for history whilst pursuing his childhood dream of travelling and working in Asia, Australia, America and Mexico, he undertook a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in 2001 further to graduating with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Cultural and Historical Studies in 1998. Since then he has worked as a History teacher in a London Secondary School, as Head of History and as a senior examiner of GCSE History.

He is currently developing his passion for research and interdisciplinary approaches to history on a Masters in History at Goldsmiths.

Anselm strongly believes in the importance of high quality teaching and learning, planning and reflection in reaching out and affecting the lives of children.

"After spending many evenings ‘burning the midnight oil’ creating interesting and relevant resources for my classes in the early years of teaching it seemed a shame that they would then gather dust for another year. It was frustrating to think that many other teachers were also out there ‘reinventing the wheel’ night after night, lesson after lesson. Believing that sharing good practice is a vital element of delivering lessons, a colleague introduced me to ZigZag."

"As teachers are the best judges of what works and doesn't work in the classroom, being able to share in this process as well as reviewing proposed publications can surely only be a good thing."

"What has most impressed me is the ongoing excellent quality of feedback and attention to detail provided by the ZigZag team when guiding me with publications. My subject coordinator is always available, always enthusiastic about ideas for projects and always realistic about the outcomes. The finished products are of consistently high quality and are equally well presented."

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