Author In Focus: Polly Baddeley |

Subjects: English
Education: Degree in English Literature from University of York and Postgraduate study at University of Cambridge including a PGCE in English with Drama.
Top Resource: Beowulf Resource Pack & SoW
Polly Baddeley, 
English resources author

"Whatever work [ZigZag] has looked at has always been enriched and polished to a standard I wouldn't have achieved alone."

"I grew up in the glamorous town of Croydon but soon ventured to more northerly regions, having now settled in Northampton (the happy middle). I teach English and Learning Support and my specialism is in helping students overcome difficulties – learning, emotional or behavioural – in order to achieve their potential and, hopefully, learn to enjoy the subject! My pet reading passions are Anglo-Saxon texts and Victorian literature – a slightly odd mix, I admit."

Polly joined ZigZag's communities of authors after writing a scheme of work based on her own abbreviated translation of Beowulf. "I really strongly felt I wanted to share this with other teachers, as a way of giving less able students the opportunity to discover their cultural and linguistic heritage. My head of department recommended I offer it to ZigZag and it all took off from there!"

"I love how easy it is to submit work via the website and email. I’ve found the ZigZag team to be incredibly helpful and supportive – they’re really positive about new ideas, always ready to suggest improvements and whatever work they have looked at has always been enriched and polished to a standard I wouldn’t have achieved alone."

Polly has been working on an A Level guide to teaching The Turn of the Screw. She's also got brewing a KS3 scheme of work comparing a Sherlock Holmes story with another detective text…

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