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Subjects: French
Qualifications: Masters in English & Linguistics, PGCE, IB teaching qualification
Top Resource: Getting to Know... L'Etranger
Dominique Entwistle, 
French resources author

Dominique Entwistle is a French national with more than 30 years’ experience of teaching French A Level in England to 11- to 18-year-olds in mixed secondary schools and, most recently, in a college of further education outside London. There, she also taught International Baccalaureate at both Standard and Higher level. As well as teaching French, she has been Head of Year 12 and 13 and UCAS coordinator. Dominique also has 15 years’ experience as a French A Level examiner.

"I follow French news, read avidly and I am a French cinephile, so teaching A Level/IB combines everything I like."

Dominique loves teaching A Level and IB, especially as it allows her to research cultural and current-affairs topics, to plan and deliver lessons completely in the target language to students who have chosen to study French, and to share her passion for both the language and culture of France and Francophone countries. She enjoys teaching everything at that level, i.e. films, books, grammar and current affairs.

"I was delighted and touched to receive a gold award for Getting to Know... Tartuffe. "

Dominique has written the following guides:

Getting to Know... Amélie / La Haine (1st and 2nd Editions) / Intouchables (1st and 2nd Editions) / L'Etranger (1st and 2nd Editions) / L'Etranger for IB / Tartuffe.

Dominique has enjoyed doing them all. Her favourite was L'Etranger, as Camus is one of her favourite writers and it was more challenging to do a book than a film. It was the first book she taught when she first started teaching and it was good to see modern students still enjoying this old classic.

The most challenging work was Tartuffe, as teaching a play was new to her. She had to do a lot of research on teaching and analysing plays before starting on Tartuffe.

Dominique is currently writing Getting to Know... Un long dimanche de fiancailles. It requires research about the First World War and revisiting Jean-Pierre Jeunet's unusual cinematographic technique that she loves so much. Dominique enjoys using the knowledge she gathered while teaching/writing the guide to Amélie some years ago. She believes that teachers who have long enjoyed teaching Amélie will enjoy teaching another of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's masterpieces, especially as it raises the issues of war and love, two themes which are always topical.

"It has been a very positive experience and I would like to continue working with ZigZag in the future. It is good both to see my name in print and to receive the cheque every November."

Dominique first started working with ZigZag Education because when examination boards first introduced films at A Level there were no resources on the market to help teach films. Dominique chose to teach Amelie and spent many hours preparing her lessons. A colleague suggested she publish all her worksheets / lesson plans, etc. and recommended ZigZag! It has all followed from that!

Dominique is currently writing both Getting to Know... L'auberge espagnole and Getting to Know... Un long dimanche de fiançailles.

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