Author In Focus: Clare Parker |

Subjects: Languages
Education: M.A. (Glasgow) French, German & Psychology
  D.E.M.L (Napier) Marketing & Languages
Background: 10 years in Industry; 25 years teaching German & French
  13 years GCSE Examiner (2 as Team Leader); 9 years Writer OUP & ZigZag Education
Top Resource: Getting to Know Berlin
Clare Parker, 
Languages resources author

"I love the communication and the attention to detail from the editors. It's great to be part of such a committed group of people."

Clare initially started working with ZigZag Education after reviewing some German material and was impressed with the quality. An opportunity to write about a topic close to her heart came up and she volunteered. Clare has since completed 8 projects for ZigZag Education.

"I love that my work is appreciated so well. I love getting such positive feedback. "

Clare loved working on Getting to Know Berlin. She mentioned that it has always been one of her favourite places in the world and that to be able to write about it was just wonderful.

Clare has just completed Getting to Know Der Vorleser which is available to pre-order now at ZigZag Education's website.

Clare is currently working on a resource entitled Differentiated Structured Cover Lessons for GCSE AQA German vol.1

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